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John Marks 
Brazen Monkey

   John Marks has been creating art for 30 years. he does everything from sculpting, special effects make-up, and of course mind blowing sculptures.  In previous years John has toured with props such as The Hulk, Toothless and Light Fury from “How To Train Your Dragon” and “The Iron Giant”.


   This year at NerdFest John brings you another marvel with his creation of the He-Man Battlecat and Panthor along with the sword of power! These beasts weigh over 400lbs and accompanied by the 12 foot tall 24 ft wide backdrop this makes the perfect photo op stop for your festival weekend!

   Also a portion of the proceeds raised from this event go to the make-a-wish foundation!

   You are able to choose from NEW weapons including the Sword of Power.  The prices are $5 in front of a battlecats,  $10 to stand in the center and to hold a sword of power, $20 to ride a cat.


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