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            Quad Cities native Catie Osborn and her partner, Erik Gude (aka @catieosaurus and @heygude) are ADHD mental health advocates and educators whose niche interest is the intersection of neurodiversity and tabletop gaming. Their unique blend of humor, education and advocacy have gained them over one million followers across TikTok, Youtube and Twitch, where they create content geared towards opening the conversation about neurodivergency and the profound impact it has on daily life as adults with ADHD. They have been seen in the New York Times, Cosmopolitan Magazine, VICE, i-D, GQ, ADDitude Magazine and more. This year, they have presented about neurodiversity at Dragoncon, GenCon, CONvergence, PlayonCon and more! You've heard them on the Mental Illness Happy Hour with Paul Gilmarting, the American Sex Podcast with Sunny Megatron and on their own top-50 mental health podcast, Catie and Erik's Infinite Quest. Check out for more information.​

  • Neurodiversity at the Gaming Table
    This session will discuss strategies and opportunities for both DMs and players to better support neurodivergence in TTRPGs and how we can create a more inclusive arena for play and exploration. This panel is for those, or those who play, with a neurodivergency* like ADHD, Autism or depression. Navigating gaming can be challenging, but the specific issues of ND and long-term collaborative game play can make the process daunting. This community discussion + q&A  will highlight strategies and ideas for ttrpg DMs/GMS and players in conversation with neurodiversity. (We recognize that many, many more mental illnesses and cognitive disorders fall under the ND umbrella, but these will be our primary focus at this panel).

  • Too Many Modifiers: Adaptive and Inclusive Gaming Strategies For Game Designers
    You've got a great idea for a game, but is it accessible? This panel will give the 101-basics on things to consider when developing new games for a broad, inclusive audience, from gameplay to writing accessible instructions. Not a new designer? No worries. Established games and designers will have the opportunity to learn how expansions, adaptations and assistive products can make games more inclusive for all.

  • Life: A Player's Handbook
    How a player's needs, failures and successes at the gaming table can be directly applied to navigating the real-world challenges of living with neurodiversity.

  • InfiniteQuest ADHDnD Podcast: Live from NerdFest
    Join Catieosaurus and HeyGude of Infinite Quest for a live podcast extravaganza as they record another interactive, audience- participation ADHDnD adventure starring Helvetica and Blumken (DM'd by series regular Chris)

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